My coaching style with kids

The frontal lobe of the brain of a person with ADHD develops on average 1-3 years behind their contemporaries. It is responsible for many of the skills, also called Executive Function skills, which kids need to be successful in school, with friends, and at home. I believe all children want to succeed, it is not that they won’t do what is being expected, it is that they can’t (YET!!!). Here is a list of the Executive Function skills that the frontal lobe is responsible for, as you can see, they are some very important skills to learn:


I strive to create a trusting, engaging, and compassionate relationship with each client, their parents, and teachers by meeting them where they are in life, validating their experiences, and building with them a customized coaching experience. 

This customized approach means a client could be:

I want clients to remember that having ADHD is not a limitation, in fact, it is often seen in combination with above average intelligence and creativity.  Furthermore, it is only one piece of the puzzle that makes them who they are and who they can be. 

Let’s start your child on the path of learning the life skills that the executive functions of the brain offer.  This is not a fast process and it is not as simple as just trying a new calendar or organizing system. I partner with the clients and those who are most important in their lives to get to the specific challenges that are being faced. Exploring where and why they have issues gives the insight needed to create personally relevant solutions. As your child grows, the specific issues and their solutions may change, but having learned the self-confidence and skills to continue making adaptable solutions will be the biggest takeaway.  

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Let's see if this is what you are wanting and needing for your child and family.