My coaching style with adults

As an ADHD Life Coach, my goal is to help people with ADHD develop personal 'awarenesses' which allow them to create powerful strategies and tools, achieve their goals in life, learn how to best use their strengths to overcome life’s challenges, and improve their self-esteem. Here are some ways I can help my clients:

I can help clients attain their personal and professional goals by working with them to create meaningful steps and timelines which are manageable and attainable.

I partner with clients to help them develop personalized strategies. ADHD affects everyone differently, so it is important to develop personalized strategies that work for each client specifically.

I work with clients on time management and organizational skills by determining the personal and specific reasons for the concern(s) and help them create their own personal strategies for managing time more effectively and staying organized. 

I can help clients create a Toolkit for Life, which can be used and updated as needed for the whole of their life’s journeys.

One of the most important factors for success that I provide as an ADHD Life Coach is judgement free accountability and support. I help clients stay motivated, on track, and provide support and encouragement throughout the coaching process.

I create a trusting, engaging, and compassionate relationship with each client by meeting them where they are in life, validating their experiences, and building with them a customized coaching experience to suit their unique needs and desires.

This customized coaching approach means a client could be:

Coaching allows the space for you to gain the personal awareness and knowledge you need to create highly effective strategies to create a fulfilling life. I want my clients to remember that having ADHD is not a limitation. In fact, it is often seen in combination with above average intelligence and creativity and can also present great strengths. Furthermore, it is only one piece of the puzzle that makes you who you are and who you can be! 

I offer free 20 minute consultations.  Please contact me and I will get you scheduled for your free consultation. 

Let’s see if this is what you are wanting and needing!