About me

Hi, I’m Yael Franzen. I am a professionally trained and certified ADHD Life Coach, through ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA). I had a late diagnosis which had a profound effect on my life. I always knew I was different and struggling in many areas a lot of my friends and family found so easy. I created all kinds of ‘work arounds’ to help me find my way. Eventually I became a good student and learned what I needed to do well in life, but I do wonder “what if I had known earlier, what if I had learned about ADHD and how to work with it when I was in primary school”? 

I found much personal satisfaction, peace, and happiness through ADHD Life Coaching and now I want to help others, step by step, turn their challenges into successes.  I have a master’s degree in art education and had a wonderful career working in museum education departments. After having my children, I became a stay-at-home mom.  My son is on the Autism spectrum with ADHD and my daughter has ADHD. I quickly became very familiar with the therapies and practices used to help children who are neuro-diverse learn and grow and I loved watching what a difference they make in kids’ lives.

Once my children were a little older, and always being an educator at heart, I began working in the classrooms of Denver Public Schools. This is where I discovered my passion is working with ‘outside the box’ students, their families, teachers, and other adults to gain personal insights to create experiences, systems, tips, or tricks that help People gain self-confidence, personal awareness, and a comfortable attitude toward their ADHD brain.

My hands-on, practical coaching style is based on the approaches of asset-based problem solving and positive psychology, which I learned through ADDCA. Whether a person has ADHD or not, we all have strengths we can explore, expand, and build on. Frequently, for people with ADHD, they can find it harder to see and build on their strengths. This is where ADHD specific coaching comes in, to help the client unlock their potential and work with the aspects of life they might find challenging.